Harbor Foam is an EPS drop off location. Our recycling center is located in our manufacturing plant which is at 2950 Prairie St SW, Grandville, MI 49418. If you are an individual looking to recycle small quantities of EPS/Styrofoam, please feel welcome to come to our main office and place your recycled products in the bin next to the front door. However, if you are recycling in large quantities for commercial use, please pull into any open loading dock or call (616) 855-8150 for further details. Finally, we ask that when you come to recycle you only recycle clean pieces of white EPS foam. This means that we will not accept EPS foam that has any foreign material such as glue, tape, or food in or on it. Thank you!

At Harbor Foam, we too are committed to recycling and future sustainability. Harbor Foam recycles 100% of its’ excess foam material so that nothing goes to waste. We are also in the process of purchasing new equipment to limit our VOC’s, which will help us further decrease our negative environmental externalities. Thanks for doing your part and helping us create a cleaner and environmentally friendly community!